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Tisbe Bimenisis

  • Marine Copepod.
  • Will be readily eaten by most marine fish.
  • Survive and reproduces well in most reef environments, but needs a place to hide.
  • Exists mostly on rock, tank walls, and substrate.
  • They are tiny,  but considered medium sized for a copepod.
  • Readily consumes detritus and microalgae.


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Product Description

Tisbe Bimenisis Copepod

  • These pods are what one would call the bread and butter of copepods in the saltwater world.  If you know marine copepods, you’ve probably heard of these.
  • They survive and reproduce well in the same environment as most marine fish available commercially.
  • They are tiny,  but considered medium sized as far as copepods go.
  • They will act as the bottom of the food chain in your reef tank, and will readily consume detritus and and diatoms.
  • They reproduce well, but, need a place to hide or else they will be quickly dispatched by your fish (most marine fish can go through hundreds if not thousands of these a day).
Tisbe Quick Stats: 
  • Salinity Tolerance: 1.021-1.028
  • Ph Tolerance: 7.8-8.4
  • Temperature Tolerance: 32F-84F
  • Ammonia Tolerance: <0.5ppm
  • Location Preference: Likes to spend most of it’s time on tank walls, rock, and substrate.
  • Sexual Maturation From Birth: 9 days
  • Average Brood Size: 35
  • Reproductive Cycle Following Sexual Maturation: 3 days



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